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The idea of a marlin decoy was nothing new. Some form of a marlin decoy had been created and used for many years before. But the folks at Marlin-X felt that the marlin decoy concept had room for progression and work began to develop an all new product focused on effectiveness and quality.

In 2006 Aaron Horning (Marlin-X founder) hand carved the very first Marlin-X.

"We established our trade space boundaries and worked within.

  1. It must float, not sink if disconnected from the boat

  2. It must be relatively large (60" length) but still easy to handle

  3. It must to have action like a real feeding marlin

  4. It must to be a quality product that a customer is excited about when received

  5. It must above all work to help a marlin boat attract more fish

" - Aaron Horning

With the trade space defined the first prototype underwent two years of testing and design changes aboard Jack O'Donnell's 65' Paul Mann out of Va. Beach. "I really owe it to Mr. O'Donnell, he allowed me to cut into his fishing day and test my prototypes to ultimately produce a great product. He believed in the product and me all along." - Aaron Horning

By 2008 the design was locked down, a mold was created and clone Marlin-X teasers stated coming to life one by one. "We build Marlin-X teasers one at a time from the heart, each one is a work of art." - Aaron Horning

Marlin-X teasers were unavailable for the past few years while Aaron and his wife Jenna focused on raising three daughters. The girls are older now and some time is now available to manage production again. "We are very fortunate to work with some very high-end successful people, none of them have ever told us they wished they didn't spend so much time at home." - Aaron Horning

Marlin-X teasers are now available again to the public. Order yours and enjoy the show.

Marlin-X, LLC

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