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  • What's the best way to use the teaser?
    The simplest way to use the teaser is straight off a good teaser real, in the regular teaser position with a few large squids on droppers in front of it. It simply looks like a marlin is on your teaser all day.
  • Do blue marlin ever go after the teaser itself?
    Blue marlin will try and eat Marlin-X. We have 5 reported cases of teasers getting smacked around by a big blue. Yes, they get scratched up and destroyed in some cases.
  • Can I get a custom paint scheme?
    The dark paint jobs works better. We will paint any special color schema you want but a simple dark paint job has been the best. Observations are showing that an aggressively painted Marlin-X (bright colors/stripes) will still attract bill fish but the attracted fish are noticeably less aggressive than compared to using a dark colored Marlin-X. Also, every Marlin-X that has been hit by a blue marlin has been dark colored.
  • What happens if the teaser gets loose?
    The Marlin-X floats. This has been a bigger deal than we expected. We hear of many cases of a teaser getting disconnected from a boat and rescued shortly after.
  • Can you make it with rubber rather than foam/fiberglass?
    We have had many requests over the years to make a rubber version. We made a few rubber versions but they just didn't work anywhere near as good as the original foam/fiberglass design. We are always trying to progress but for now its foam and fiberglass.
  • Are any fish besides marlin attracted by the teaser?
    Sailfish really like to swim alongside a Marlin-X . We had the owner of the PoorGirl (65 Paul Mann) call us from the waters off Isla Mujeres just to tell us, “I’ve got five sailfish swimming with Marlin-X right now!”
  • Can you put Marlin-X behind a dredge?
    We are asked if you can put Marlin-X behind a dredge. Sure you can, we have done it, but we enjoy it most on top where we can see it. There is minimal data available for effectiveness behind the dredge so there is probably more to explore.
  • Can I pull more than one Marlin-X at a time?
    We are asked about pulling more than one Marlin-X, here is where the data really starts getting thin. We have pulled multiple Marlin-X at a time with minimal noticeable advantage over just one. But we are not convinced that only using one Marlin-X is the most efficient method yet. The whole idea of the decoy is to create a buddy/pack feeling for real fish to join in. Many natural bait balls have more than one bill fish around them. But just like the dark vs bright paint scheme discussion above, every detail makes a difference. If you are going to pull more than one Marlin-X then you may need to rethink hooked bait placement relative to the main decoy pack. For instance do I pull 2-4 Marlin-X at the short/long-rigger distance and pull hooked baits in front at the flat lines? Or do I swim 2-4 Marlin-X in tight to the boat and put the "straggling" baits out back for curious following fish to eat. Or do we mix them in to the spread?... In any case using multiple Marlin-X is a very new concept to explore.
  • How did you come to the price?
    $759 is a lot of money! Why so expensive? At first the price sounds high but it really isn't. The engineering and fabrication time involved makes this a really a good deal.
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